Vampanella is one of the many role-playing subclasses in Elder Tale. The name distinguishes them from Vampires, which refers only to the monsters and not the subclass.


Like in legend, Vampanellas are weakened in daylight but are given various buffs during nighttime. Although they can still travel in daylight, they tend to avoid it; for example, Roe2 travels in the woods while accompanying Tohya's Party, or rides in their wagon.

Healing spells do not work on Vampanellas, and instead inflict damage on them.

Vampanella is one of several subclasses that require a subclass-removal quest before players with that subclass can pick another one.

Vampanella Skills

Skill Description
Blood-Sucking Ability Restore HP by sucking someone's blood.
Bat Flight Transform into a bat to cover long distances.

Known Vampanellas


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