Vendémiaire of First Prison, also known as Vendémiaire of First Garden, is a monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


Vendémiaire of First Prison is a powerful Full Raid level monster that appears in the quest The Nine Prisons of Heroes and in the Abyssal Shaft Dungeon.

Tactical Features


Gold of the Kunie arc

The first raid boss that the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party encountered was Vendémiaire of First Prison. Recognizing it as a reskin of a boss from Nine Prisons of Helios, they know a bit of what to expect. However, it unleashes a new skill that comes as a shock to the raid party, and it was much fiercer than before.

After many battles, the raid party finally overcame Vendémiaire.


Thousand Gazes

A gaze attack used every 60 seconds. Takes a menacing pose by expanding the wings and unleashes a glaring light from the eyeballs on its wings. This attack randomly targets ten of the Adventurers, regardless of the <Hostility> that they have managed to draw. It causes status abnormalities, including paralysis and petrification, and may also cause instant death. It is a nasty attack, but it can be canceled by attacking the single eye on it's face, causing it to move its wings and cancel the attack. The eye will regenerate in 30 seconds, but with excellent timing, the attack can be negated by an excellent shooter.

Lightning Javelin

A breath attack that comes immediately after it moves to a new ledge. The second mouth that was hidden in the belly opens, and a lightning strike is unleashed that penetrates in a straight line. While it appears to be lightning, the damage attributes show it to be a composite of physical and lightning. It can not be prevented, only weakened by enhanced lightning resistance. The width of the attack is narrow, like a spear, so to avoid it, the <Adventurers> should travel in a straight line, with the head of the party taking the damage.

Vendémiaire Cyclone[1]

Used each time it loses 10% of its HP, Vendémiaire flies away from the ledge, roaring in anger, to move to the next ledge. While flying, it uses this attack while hovering in the air, causing an air strike with its big wings. Although the damage of the wind gusts are not large, it has the effect of forcibly pushing the Adventurer backwards, falling from the ledge. It is possible to return using stairs at the bottom of the stage, if you don't die from the fall, but during that time, the party must fight on in a reduced state.


  • The appearance of Vendémiaire was changed in the anime, from a winged snake in the light novel to a giant ostrich-like bird.


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