Vuorinen is a Dwarf Druid and a high-leveled member of Silver Sword. During the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party, he is part of the second party led by Shiroe, the guild master of Log Horizon.


Like male Dwarves, Vuorinen is a stout Dwarf with a large brown beard. He wears a winter-themed battle attire complete with a helm.


Vuorinen is a laid-back Adventurer who loves to drink and is in good terms with Federico. He seems to be friendly to Landers when he allowed a Lander maid to take a break from her serving drinks to him and his fellow guild-mates.


Gold of the Kunie arc

When Shiroe arrived in Susukino with Naotsugu and Li Gan, Vuorinen and his friend Federico simply listened the conversation between their guild master William Massachusetts and the former strategist of the Debauchery Tea Party, all while dismissing a Lander maid to take a break from serving more drinks.

Later on, Vuorinen became part of the second party under Shiroe and fought their way past the Lyport Channel, battling monsters along the way.


Vuorinen wields a large battle-axe that provide him offensive capabilities for a Druid like him in combat. As a Druid, he can heal wounded allies in battle.


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