Werecat (also referred to as Felinoid) is one of the three Demi-Human races in the world of Elder Tale and one of the eight races players can choose from.


They are humanoid with feline characteristics such as fur and cat-like facial features. Werecats are nimble and have keen senses. Notably, Werecats do not have tails like real-world cats do.

Known Werecats


  • Werecats may have night vision as one of their racial abilities.
  • Crunchyroll and Yen Press both call Werecats "Felinoids", whereas "Werecats" (ウェアキャット) comes from the Japanese Log Horizon wiki[1] (it is not used in the official publication). Crunchyroll also called them Werecats in the first season, but then switched to Felinoid during the second.


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