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West Wind Brigade is a mid-sized battle guild in Elder Tale led by Soujiro Seta. Despite its relatively small size, it stands on equal ground with larger combat guilds like D.D.D, the Black Sword Knights, and Honesty.

Most notoriously, though, it has an extremely large proportion of female members than male members due to Soujiro's popularity. Because of this, it has been renowned as a "harem guild."

It is the center of its own manga spin-off.


The West Wind Brigade is a guild located in Akiba boasting to have 120 members but, in reality, with more or less sixty. Infamously known as a harem guild, it was founded by Soujiro Seta, a former member of the Debauchery Tea Party, soon after the group's disbandment.

Currently, it is one of the most influential guilds in Akiba, standing on equal ground with big guilds such as D.D.D, Black Sword Knights, Silver Sword, and Honesty. There is a "Sou-Squee Fan Club" that consists of girls both in the guild and out of it, and they essentially act as an extended information network.[2]


With fewer than sixty members, the West Wind Brigade is considered small compared to other raiding guilds. However, it has managed to take top place in numerous high-level raids such as Radamanteus's Throne and the Nine Great Gaols of Helos, even over larger raiding guilds.[3]


Before the Catastrophe

When the Debauchery Tea Party disbanded, Soujiro decided to form a guild to continue the group's legacy. He invited several members to join, including Shiroe, but most declined for varying reasons. The only ones who did accept his offer, Nazuna, Saki, Suzuna, and Yomi, were also conveniently smitten with him.

Still a relatively new guild when the Catastrophe struck, a number of its members were offline for the release of the expansion pack and thus did not appear. However, by this time, the guild had already made a name for itself due to their surprising effectiveness in raiding.

Round Table Alliance arc

Shiroe enlists West Wind Brigade's help in running the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand, a request that Soujiro takes up without question. The guilds leaders, Soujiro and Nazuna, later attend the Round Table Conference and agree to the formation of the Round Table Alliance.

Return of the Goblin King arc

When the outbreak of the Return of the Goblin King event causes thousands of Sahuagin and Goblins to appear, the guild is called to serve as reinforcements at the Ancient Court of Eternal Ice.

Libra Festival arc

During the Libra Festival, Shiroe unwittingly runs Kanako's cake shop out of cakes after recommending it to Soujiro. Later, he uses the girls in the guild to run patrols throughout the city, breaking up fights and maintaining order.

Fallen Guardian arc

Kyouko's death at Enbart Nelles' hands causes the guild to rise up against him. However, because of the tight confines of the alleyway and the abilities of the Guard, their attempt to stop the murderer's continuous onslaught fails, and both Soujiro and Akatsuki who had battled against the murderer head on died. After that, Soujiro agrees to take his hands off the situation, and only the members of the guild who attend Raynesia's tea parties participate in the raid battle.


Name Rank Class Status
Soujiro Seta Guild Master Samurai Logo.png Samurai Active
Nazuna Co-founder Kannagi Logo.png Kannagi Active
Saki Co-founder Cleric Logo.png Cleric Inactive
Isami Member Samurai Logo.png Samurai Active
Kyouko Member Guardian Logo.png Guardian Active
Fragrant Olive Member Druid Logo.png Druid Active
Dolce Member Bard Logo.png Bard Active
Kawara Member Monk Logo.png Monk Active
Sandy Member Cleric Logo.png Cleric Active
Chika Member Swashbuckler Logo.png Swashbuckler Active
Hisako Member Summoner Logo.png Summoner Active
Kurinon Member Cleric Logo.png Cleric Active
Suzuna Member Bard Logo.png Bard Inactive
Yomi Member Summoner Logo.png Summoner Inactive
Yuko Member Sorcerer Logo.png Sorcerer Inactive


Name Occupation Status
Sara Housekeeper Active


  • In episode 8 of the anime Myriad Colors Phantom World, the main characters wear outfits that resemble the West Wind Brigade's.
  • There used to be more male players in the guild, but as the number of women joining grew, they mostly all left.[4]


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