World Fraction (ワールドフラクション) is the fourteenth episode of the Log Horizon anime. It covers Game's End, Part 1 chapter 4.


Cold Open

Shiroe and Akatsuki follow Li Gan to his library. He attempts to find something to drink, but Shiroe procures a wine from his magic bag. Li Gan recollects the requirements for crafting the bag, knowledge which surprises Shiroe.

History of Magic

Li Gan disclaims that he is more of a magical scientist than a mage. Shiroe explains about the prominent citations of the Mage of Miral Lake, to which Li Gan clarifies that he has inherited the title.

Lhanime s01e14 Humanity's Extinction

Humanity's Extinction.

Being an academic in the study of World-class magic, Li Gan offers Shiroe and Akatsuki an explanation of the World Fraction spell and the three times it has been used in history, with Shiroe correctly deducing the third time being the Catastrophe. Li Gan explains that 350 years ago, the Human, Elf, and Dwarf races destroyed the Alv kingdom out of jealousy of the Alvs' advanced magical technologies. Seeking revenge, the Ruquinjé were the masterminds behind the long terrible war between humans, dwarves, and elves to avenge their people's destruction. However, at their defeat, they cast the first World Fraction, which resulted in the creation of the endlessly-respawning demi-human monsters. This pushed the planet into a world war, forcing humanity to create powerful warriors: Ancients and beast-men. Still at a disadvantage around 240 years ago, they were forced to cast the second World Fraction to summon the Adventurers to their aid.

Lhanime s01e14 Spirit Theory

Spirit Theory.

Li Gan invited Shiroe due to his reputation as a mage, his history beginning some 98 years ago. Shiroe confirms that the events according to the game's rate of time correlates to the real world by a factor of 12, including the start of the open beta which brought the human-controlled Adventurers, and when he began playing Elder Tale. Li Gan then moves on to explain his Spirit Theory which involves how revival works, and that XP in the form of memories are lost in the process—a theory which Shiroe decides to withhold from the Round Table Alliance for the time being.

Meanwhile, Minori becomes tired of the same outcomes in the training, and finally decides to speak her mind to the party.


  • In the Japanese boxed DVD set, the episode guide called this episode "Universal Turbulence," even though the episode's title is spelled out in English with katakana.


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