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Yaezakura is a veteran Elder Tale player who enjoys playing under new alt accounts. She is a former member of D.D.D who, after the Catastrophe causes her to be separated from the guild, joins Kushiyatama on her journeys in the newly-established guild Sun Path. In the anime, she participates in Operation Capture as a member of the Akiba Raid Party.[4]

In the real world, her name is Yae Andou (安藤八枝, Andō Yae?). She is dating a man named Yuuta Kawasaki, who was also trapped in Elder Tale under the name Yuuta.[5]


Although Yaezakura is often mistaken for a middle school girl due to her short stature and baby-faced appearance, she is of a respectable age.[1]


She's quite a troublemaker, which gets her in trouble with Takayama Misa.[1]


Before the Catastrophe

Yaezakura has ten years of experience in Elder Tale under her belt, but has a tendency to create new alts and play in them. For that reason, her level is unexpectedly low.[1]

In the past, she was a member of D.D.D, with Kushiyatama. After Kushi separated from the guild, Yaezakura went with her.

Fallen Guardian arc

Yaezakura in the anime

In the anime, both Yaezakura and Kushiyatama are present as members of the Akiba Raid Party. Whether or not she interacted with Rieze and Yuzuko, members of D.D.D, is unknown.[4]

She and Kushi are placed together on Team B for Operation Capture and are tasked with delaying Enbart Nelles when Team C, consisting of Akatsuki and Marielle, passed them. However, he knocks through them and teleports away in pursuit of the two girls kiting him. They are next seen when Rieze successfully trapped him with Freezing Liner, leaving him vulnerable to Akatsuki's attack, and watch as she destroys Byakamaru. Afterwards, they celebrate with the others at the pajama party.[2]


Yaeza item01.jpg Imperial Court Lady's Robe: A production-class robe bought in the Chinese server. It has middling stats, but it had the best design among the mid-level gear in Kushiyatama's warehouse, and so Yaezakura's stolen it for her own use. Actually, the robe's short on her because it's a children's size.
"Isn't it adorable? It's like it was made for me!"
Yaeza item02.jpg Branching Future's Spiral: A witch's staff adorned with a spiral on the top, crafted from the branch of a huge tree. As a production-class weapon, its abilities are alright. It has a special effect that increases critical hit damage, and Yaezakura likes how it makes her magic look even flashier when the effect kicks in.
"As I expected, it goes round and around so energetically!"
Yaeza item03.jpg Proper Imp's Hat:


  • Yaezakura and Kushiyatama are both from the Log Horizon fan work Into a Remote Town (which later became published as Kushiyatama, Do Your Best!). Her design is from fan art for the fan work.


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