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The Arc-Shaped Archipelago Yamato is Theldesia's equivalent of Japan in Elder Tale, as well as the setting of the Log Horizon main story.

Before the Catastrophe, the server was managed by Fushimi Online Entertainment (F.O.E.). When the Japanese server was created in 2001, Yamato was divided into five territories to ensure a variety of different types of settings and native cultures for players to experience.

Game Era History

The Japanese server was created in 2001, seventeen years before the start of the main storyline and three years after the Elder Tale beta was released in North America. The first Adventurer City established in Yamato was Akiba. Four years later, Susukino was added. Nakasu was next, and then Shibuya was created to control the large amount of players situated in Akiba. The date of Minami's establishment is unknown.

Server management is divided by district in Elder Tale, resulting in a variety of gameplay experiences, there are five cultural spheres on Yamato. In correlation to our world, Hokkaido, Aomori and the Kurl Islands constitute the Ezzo Empire, Shikoku is the Duchy of Fourland, and Kyushu and Yamaguchi Prefecture constitute the Ninetails Dominion. In addition, the eastern/northeastern half of Honshu belongs to the Eastal League of Free Cities, while the western half belongs to Holy Empire Westelande.

Theldesian History


After the Catastrophe, around 30,000 Adventurers were trapped in Yamato. Approximately 80% (24,000) of them live in either Akiba, Minami, or Susukino,[1] while the remaining 20% live in the smaller two cities or do not live in cities at all.


The Five Territories

  • Duchy of Fourland: The Duchy of Fourland takes up the area of the real-life island of Shikoku, in the south-western region of the country. There are no Adventurer Cities in this area, and most of this area is overrun by powerful monsters.
  • Eastal League of Free Cities: Eastal territory takes up the east and north-east areas of Honshu, representing the real-life regions of Kanto-Kōshin'etsu and Tohoku sans Aomori Prefecture. It is mostly run by the Eastal League, a Earthling Alliance, from the Earthling city of Maihama. The only exceptions are the two Adventurer cities of Akiba, which is controlled by the Round Table Alliance, and Shibuya, which is all but abandoned. Eastal nobility follows the leadership of the Cowen family, which claims to have lineage with the former royal family of Yamato before the archipelago was divided up.
  • Ezzo Empire: The Ezzo Empire's territory takes up the real-life areas of Hokkaido, Aomori Prefecture, and the four Kuril Islands closest to Hokkaido. The Adventurer city of Susukino is situated here.
  • Holy Empire Westelande: The Holy Empire Westelande's territory takes up most of the western and west-central area of Honshu, representing the real-life Tokai, Kansai, Hokuriku, and San'in regions, as well as most of the San'yo corridor. It is nominally led by the Saiguu Clan, which has claims to royal lineage much like the Cowen family, which is based in Ikoma. It is controlled by Plant Hwyaden, from the Adventurer city of Minami.
  • Ninetails Dominion: The Ninetails Dominion territory takes up the entirety of the far western point of the server, where Kyushu and Yamaguchi Prefecture in far-southwestern Honshu would be in real-life Japan. The Adventurer city of Nakasu is situated here. However, considering that Nakasu has been taken over by Plant Hwyaden, it is likely that the Ninetails Dominion is similarly under the control of the Holy Empire Westelande.



  • Shinjuku Underpass: A dungeon zone that ran throughout Shinjuku's underground. This area is often used as an underground passage since enemies are weak. Nowadays, you can see many Earthling refugees camping here while the above-ground area of Shinjuku was destroyed by wild Behemoths.


  • Spiritual Mount Fuji