Yomi (詠, Yomi?, lit. "Chant") is a Human Summoner-Specter User and a member of West Wind Brigade in the MMORPG Elder Tale. She was also a member of a now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party. Like several other girls in the Tea Party, she was in absolute love with Soujiro Seta.[2][3]

Her birthday is June 8.[4]


Yomi had a slender body and long red hair that covered her eyes. She wore a long black dress, shoes made of glass, and used a stave made of bones.


She had a "no turning back" mentality. Because of her habit of logging out at exactly 12 midnight, her nickname became "Cinderella."[5] An incredibly shy person, she only joined the Tea Party at Soujiro's behest and typically only nods to express consent when asked. However, once asked to do something, she will give it her all, so she had relatively good relations with the other members of the group.[3]


At some point around three to two years before the main story, Yomi joined the Tea Party at Soujiro's behest. After the group disbanded, she joined the West Wind Brigade with Nazuna and Saki.

In the Log Horizon manga, Saki, Taigamaru, and Yomi are listed as offline (or not in-server) on Shiroe's friends list.[1]


Specializing in the Necromancer build, Yomi has a skeleton aesthetic; her stave is made of bones.


  • In her original description, she was said to use a scythe made of bones. In her later official description, however, it was changed to staves made with skeleton bones.[2][3]
  • Yomi joining the West Wind Brigade wasn't decided until long after volume 2 was written; as a result, only Nazuna and Saki were mentioned as Tea Party members who joined the West Wind Brigade.



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