Yuko was a Human Sorcerer-Little Child in the MMORPG Elder Tale. She was also a former member of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party, and joined Soujiro's West Wind Brigade after it was disbanded, along with Nazuna, Saki, and Suzuna.


Her in-game avatar had the body of a flat-chested committee chairperson[ぺったんこ委員長, that is the literal description used], with her indigo hair in three braids. Her equipment was a beige blouse, a brown cape, and a high-quality-looking wand with a gem on top. She is 148 cm tall.[1]


She loves flashy magic, and the sincere way she pines after Soujiro is like a child. In actuality, she really is an elementary school student, making her subclass of Little Child a rather accurate description of her real-life self.[2]


Before the Catastrophe

She is real-life friends with Saki, though how they met is unknown. Yuko's mother is an educational supremacist and had extremely high expectations for the honor student Yuko; to relieve her stress, Yuko became addicted to Elder Tale. After an incident where Soujiro saved her from a malicious pedophile, she began idolizing him and calling him "big brother." As of now, her feelings are more of "idolization" rather than "romance."[1]

The Catastrophe

At the time that the Catastrophe hit, Yuko likely was not online (being an elementary school student, she likely went to bed long before it happened). Either way, she, Saki, and Suzuna were not brought into the new world.


  • In the Mamare Anthology, where she first made her debut, she was 142 cm tall, had her hair in a single braid, and was not explicitly a member of the West Wind Brigade. Her entry in the Log Horizon Database made her 148 cm tall, put her hair into three braids, and made her a member of the guild.[3]


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