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We are no longer... as weak as we were before !
—Log Horizon Database

Yupia is a Human Kannagi-Puppeteer and one of the former members of Hamelin that was rescued during Shiroe's Round Table Conference. After being rescued, she joined the Crescent Moon Alliance along with most of the rest of her fellow captives.

In volume 13, she participates in the Akiba Guild Hall Raid.


Yupia is a young woman with green eyes and matching green hair tied with a red ribbon. She wears a shrine maiden's uniform and is proud of her dark green loose waves.


While the tone of her voice is polite, she acts very masculine and often serves as a link between the boys and the girls of the guild. Although she is quite strong-minded, she is extremely scared of caterpillars and cowers at the mere sight of them.[1]

She is fond of Asuka, a fellow Kannagi of Crescent Moon, and even addresses her "Senpai". Both hard-working people with a tendency to be uptight became close friends and they exchange dolls and other small things with each other.


Akiba Guild Hall Raid arc

Yupia participates in the Akiba Guild Hall Raid along with the other Hamelin rescuees. She is on Team B with Mezamashi Tomete, Serara, Kuu, Masuda, and Mil(17)ky.[2]

Yupia's whip


Yupia is an aggressive Kannagi who specializes in mid-range hit-and-run tactics using her thorn whip.

After being released from Hamelin, she has been actively training in combat, resulting to her being among the highest-leveled of the raid party at level 61.

Other Appearances

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Main article: Yupia/SNG

Yupia makes an appearance in the mobile game, Log Horizon: New Adventure Land.


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