Zeldys (also translated as Zeldus) is a Ritian Cleric and one of the Ten Seats of Plant Hwyaden.

His Overskill is Mana Breeder, which greatly contributed to the restarting of Minami's Transport Gate.[1]



A "true gamer," Zeldys is focused on efficiency and was fond of strategy and simulation-type games like SimCity and Factorio. Because efficiency and growth are his goal, rather than a means to an end, he is willing to do anything to achieve them.[2]


The Catastrophe

Before the Catastrophe, Zeldys was a completely unknown and unremarkable player. It was Nureha who scouted him to be one of Plant Hwyaden's Ten Seats. He is the responsible for their finances and development, so he works a lot with Jered Gan in the frontier of developing new techniques, and much of Minami's high growth is owed to him.[2]

Gold of the Kunie arc

Zeldys stats

Zeldys' stats

He is anxious for the start of the Ten Seats Conference, and asks during the meeting about the Rogue Royal Guard who was attacking Akihabara, only for Jered Gan to state that he had been captured. (In the light novel, this does not occur, as the conference occurs before the incident does.) When Quon complains about the meeting starting so late at night, he also retorts that Quon is permanently tired, not just at nighttime.



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