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The Zhongyuan server, which covers China, Mongolia and the former Soviet states of Central Asia, is one of the twelve main servers in Elder Tale. The server is further divided up into regions due to the large area it covers.

The Zhongyuan server was maintained by the Kanan Internet Corporation.[1]

It is the main setting of Kanami's side-story arcs, spanning volumes 9, 11, and 15.

Unique Classes
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Youxia Daoshi


Before the Catastrophe

Due to the difficulty in coming up with enough locations of interest and events to cover such a large area, the Chinese server is the first to introduce an official "Guild War System." This system allows large guilds to compete in earning "Guild Points" that can be used to claim specific areas/locations in the servers, which grant privileges and benefits to the members of the ruling guild akin to purchasing land properties.

After the Catastrophe

There was a major deterioration of public order after the Catastrophe, and guild wars quickly grew out-of-control as various large guilds competed for power. Of course, not everyone wished to participate, but ever-increasing aggression has made it harder and harder for people to run from the conflict.

Additionally, the level cap for Adventurers in Zhongyuan remains at 90, as it was only raised to 100 on the Yamato server with the arrival of the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack. The members of Kanami's Party and the Lelang Wolf Cavalry are shown to remain at Level 90 a year after the Catastrophe struck. Thus, when the Level 95 Krusty is banished to Zhongyuan by Bucaphi, he is mistaken for an Ancient by many of the server's Adventurers and People of the Earth.

Major Guilds

  • Crimson King
  • Lelang Wolf Cavalry - One of the few major guilds that has avoided the guild wars by using their signature Wolf mounts to stay on the run.
  • Singing Sword Company

Adventurer Cities

  • Dadu: Equivalent to Shanghai.[2]
  • Shimanaikui: Equivalent to Ulaanbaatar. The Lelang Wolf Cavalry uses this Adventurer City as a base as it is relatively isolated from the parts of Zhongyuan most ravaged by the guild wars.[3]
  • Yandu: Equivalent to Beijing.[2]
  • Yangdu: Equivalent to Guangzhou.[2]
  • Hsinpei (シンペイ)[This is an unofficial, amateur translation.]: Hsinpei is the Adventurer City on Formosa Island, the tutorial area of the Zhongyuan server.[4] Its name is a portmaneau of the real-life Taiwanese cities of Hsinchu and Taipei. Taipei continues to exist in Formosa under the name Taibei, but is largely a political hub versus Hsinpei's cultural hub.



Aorusoi is the equivalent of southern Kazakhstan in the real world. Most of the region's landscape consists of deserts and mountains.

  • Tekeli: Tekeli is a small town in Aorusoi and, although it isn't an adventurer city, it has a respawn Shrine located there. Touching a watery reflection at the top of the town's bell tower triggers a large-scale battle event with thousands of level 52 Daylight Shades.
  • Tone's Grave: Tone's Grave corresponds with the location of Gagarin's Start Space Station in the real world. Papus and Rasphuia were first spotted here, along with a Raidx2 Black Dragon Boss, with the intent of destroying it as the "Corridor to Heaven." The Lelang Wolf Cavalry sent two groups in order to deal with them, but they were completely wiped out. Later, by the time Kanami and her party went to Tone's Grave to deal with them, the Space Launch site was destroyed.

Formosa Island

Formosa Island is the tutorial area for the Zhongyuan server and was originally closed off to players after completing the tutorial. Due to its popularity, it was later made accessible by boat. However, because of the difficult Raid Bosses lurking the waters around it, few Adventurers go there; after the Catastrophe, travel to and from the island has become near-impossible.[4]


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